How to make Shapely "Parralax"* Section buttons the same style?

The two buttons in the “Shapely Parralax Section for FrontPage” are different styles. I think this looks weird. Different colors might make sense, but having a transparent button next to a solid color one is not my style.

Where can these be set to the same style?

I also find it strange that Button 1 appears to the right of Button 2. But that is from my left-to-right reading upbringing. Not a big deal.

[ * By the way, it should be spelled “parallax”, not “parralax”. ]

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

a.btn.btn-lg.btn-white:hover {
background: #745cf9ed;
border-color: #745cf9;

a.btn.btn-lg.btn-white {
color: #fff;
border-color: #745cf9;
background: #745cf9;

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks for the hint! I’m getting a better understanding of how this works on the inside.

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I everything ok now? let me know if you have other questions