How to make Travelify theme bilingual?

Im about to make a page that needs to be bilingual.
I would like to use the Travelify theme but Im out of luck finding a multi language plugin that doesn´t break/remove the slider. Any suggestion of plugin or solution that would allow me keep the slider working.

Thanks for nice theme.

I have seen several people using qTranslate plugin for this theme but I am not familiar with this plugin. Just browse around user website, there are plenty of them in comment section.

The best option for translations is always to use WordPress Multisite ( or even dedicated installations for each language. That way you have full control over what should and what shouldn’t be translated.

Since Travelify theme is not yet available in Bulgarian language you will have to translate it yourself. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to translate it:

If you will translate it completely you can send me your translation file and I will add it to the default theme installation. I will provide a link back to your website from as reward.

Excerpt length you can adjust by placing Excerpt manually when editing post. There should be a box called “Excerpt” underneath Post edit page. If you can see that you can enable it via “Screen Options” in the upper right corner.

If you want to automate this process you can use filter for Excerpt length. You can read more about it here:
Code related to Excerpts you can find inside content-extensions.php located in Theme folder – library – structure.

The same Excerpt rules apply for Pinbin theme except there is no Blog templates. Manual Excerpts via Post Edit screen and Excerpt filters will still work.

You can remove image form Singe Post by adding this to style.css

.single.single-post .pinbin-image {
    display: none;