How to manage featured pictures sizes in a post?

Hello Activello team.

I dowloaded your theme some weeks ago and I am now working on it for my blog.

The overall experience is very positive, but I am having issues with managing the appearance of featured pictures in a post.

  1. The resolution of the picture in the slider is capped strictly to 1920 X 550? Is it not possible for the slider to adequate pictures above this dimensions? I understood that the slider would automatically resize dimensions above it but what happens is that it randomly crop pictures at 1920 X 550.

The solution to control the desired cropping was to download the plugin “Post Thumbnail Editor”. There I can at least select the area for the 1920 X 550.

  1. The main picture in my post is capped to a dimension of 1170 X 550 (shown as “Activello-featured” by Post Thumbnail Editor plugin.

How can I have a better dimension for the main picture? The Post Thumbnail Editor shows a “activello-medium” thumbnail? Is it possible to use this one as the main picture of the post?

Thank you very much.

Hey there,
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If the plugin allows you to set that dimension then that would be awesome. Also, after making such changes, you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails for proper resizing and optimization.

Have a look here for the plugin that does this:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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