How to modify "search" in web header and "send to other address" OFF by default.

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¿Could you please help me with two things?

  1. I use my web in spanish but the box “search” in the web header appears in english. How can I change it? I can´t find the header options in the appearance menu.
  2. How can I do in the checkout page to take the option “send to other address” in OFF mode by default. To do the billing address the principal?
    Thank you very much.

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  1. You may take a look at this awesome plugin that allows you to translate single words or sentences.

Say What Plugin

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you may navigate to Tools>Text Changes>Add New within your WordPress Dashboard and configure the fields as illustrated below.

Original string: Search
Text domain: activello
Text context:
Replacement string: Spanish text

  1. You can try this:
    WooCommerce –> Settings –> Shipping –> Shipping Options — Shipping Destination –> []Force shipping to the customer billing address

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Good morning;

Thanks for your help.
In the point 1: I have installed and activated the plugin an fill the gaps as you say to me (attached photo), but no changes have appeared in the site.
In the point 2: I have chose the “send to the billig address by default” and it works.

Please could you help me with de point 1?


Could you please instead try using the following plugin to achieve this?

Good morning;

I have installed the plugin but I don´t know If I´m writting the text I want to modify “Search” ok. I send you a photo. Is this way ok?


Please do not add ant slashes / before and after search string.

Thanks, it works.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: