How to modify the home page , post window preview size???

Dear all Colorlib. Team

How to modify the home page , post window preview frame size?
I want to modify into a small square.

please refer attachment picture.

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The image and content are bundled together so you can use this CSS to change the section size:

.blog-item-wrap {
    height: 500px;
    width: 500px;

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This code is working,but that can’t display two post in one row ,then all are stacked together.
i wan modify that can display two post in one row.
please help.


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dear @pitpot im so sorry to say but this is not possible with theme options and in order to achieve this it will require major modifications in the theme :frowning: sorry but such requests cannot be fulfilled in the free support frame

can you please give some advice ? i will try do it myself.

This is a complex work @pitpot, you have to make changes in php files and in css files, above the beginner level of php knowledge is necessary here, this is not about advice or suggestion, sorry :frowning:

or your team have the Custom theme services ? How is the price?just modify the index page

No, we don’t have such service, you can use or upwork or any similar online resources
Is there anything else?

is nothing,thanks answer,you can close this topic
i will try or find another way.


You are welcome here and thank you for understanding
Hoppe, I can help you on your next ticket