How to place a newsletter subscription field to any blog-article automatically?

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i would like to place a newsletter subscription field at the end of any blog-article. I have a plugin with cannot do that but there are codes for implementation in the articles:

Use any of the following 3 methods to add subscription form to your website :
a) Use shortcode in any page/post : [email-subscribers namefield=“YES” desc="" group=“Public”] Or
b) Go to Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets. Click on widget Email subscribers and click Add Widget button or drag it to the sidebar on the right Or
c) Copy and past this php code to your desired template location : <?php es_subbox( $namefield = “YES”, $desc = “”, $group = “Public” ); ?>

So now i add the code [email-subscribers namefield=“YES” desc="" group=“Public”] to the end of any article, but that is not very comfortable (see example screenshot - and or here a link for an example:
If I would like to change something on the text once, I would have to update this in each article individually. So is there a chance to implement a code or so, that this box will be displayed at the end of every article automatically?

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You are going to have to paste the PHP code into the single_post.php file via Appearance > Editor.

Before making any changes, you need to create a back up of our WordPress and use a child theme to contain the changes.
Here are plugins to help you do that:

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thank you.
I failed trying it.
I did not know where to paste which code and never got the box by trying.
Do you have a more detailed description and/or a link to something like that? That would be nice.


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Using an FTP application or File manager.
Find the single.php in the theme file travelify>single.php
Using a text editer, you’re going to place the php code within the php block on line 26

es_subbox( $namefield = “YES”, $desc = “”, $group = “Public” );

You can also try placing it under the php block within the container line 29.
<?php es_subbox( $namefield = “YES”, $desc = “”, $group = “Public” ); ?>

If either option breaks the theme simply remove the code.

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