How to : put title above the image in portfolio

because the image is quite big - when a post in the portfolio or the portfolio itself is on screen - we have to scroll down to see the title. (in and
What .php file has to be changed in Shapely please ?
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The Portfolio layout is inherited from the blog layout, so you would have to customize the single.php file. Please note that while this should work for the portfolios, this will also affect your blog posts.

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Actually, while waiting for it I tried to to customize the content.php file, and it works - as you say - for portfolios and all posts (articles and pages). But that ok for me.
What do you think of having the content.php modified instead of the single.php file ?

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I don’t foresee any issues, so if it works perfectly for you then I say go for it, just always ensure that you have a backup at all times, just in case something goes wrong.

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