How to recreate this design?

Hi. My site is and I am trying to recreate the site so that the content below (when you scroll) with my image and information is exactly responsive below the browser screen on both desktop and mobile. Similar to these website. Different types of website design or this one

What they did is added a screen as you see and right away when you start to scroll the next section with text comes up. How do I have it so that on all screen sizes and resolutions the text and image on my site comes up, but is not shown initially when people come to the site? I also saw some sites that have a little arrow at the bottom and when a user clicks on it the whole next section moves upwards. How to do this incorporating 3 to 4 sections like that? Similarly as you have in the demo section but only with one background and not separate backgrounds for each section.


this site is so cool. I want to create a similar one.

Hi Michael :slight_smile:

Michael, your webpage is designed with the site origin page builder and i think you have to deal with this plugin, there is almost nothing on the page from the theme, just header, and footer, content is completely built with site origin page builder and unfortunately i cant provide anything about that plugin, maybe their support can do this?
Regarding design - its absolutely different, without hard custom work its not possible to have same, you need a freelancer to achieve same or better design