How to remove blank area above custom header image?

Hey nice theme. I had a quick question. I added a custom header but there is space above the header providing the gray area. I want to actually remove that. Here is what I mean I can’t seem to find out how to remove that. Or will I need to go into the style sheet? Either way, I could use some help. Thanks!!

That’s how it “should” be because there is space for social icons and logo/website title.

You can remove this blank space by pushing header image over this blank space. Not the cleanest option if you plan to change header images regularly but it will do the trick. Next time you will change header image you will have to slightly adjust this margin.

Go to Theme Options → Other → Custom CSS and add the following code

.header-image {
	margin-top: -87px;

Ah yes perfect. Thank you. I certainly understand regarding the social links but this guy only has 1 link to facebook and am using the FB widget in the sidebar so thought it would be ok this time. That green strip across the top. Where do I change that color? Thanks

Originally I am using

body {
	border-top: 6px solid #57ad68;

It is better to make any changes via Theme Options → Other → Custom CSS or by creating Child Theme. This will save any customization when new theme update will come out.

Thank you!