How to remove featured slider from blog page?

Hello again bothering me here, I still have problems:

  • The slider is not possible disabled in the Blog (I checked in preferences but no working)
  • The slider does not display informational text box (I have only pages in the slider, no posts)
  • Select a template for the blog does not work, always show fulldwith

There is something fundamentally wrong with your approach and I guess I finally found it. Had to experiment with different ways how to screw things up and finally found how you managed to get this done :slight_smile:

In Settings → Reading → “Posts page” don’t add anything there, leave default instead of your blog page. Leave this option for theme.

Now leave the rest as it is and it should work. Otherwise you can modify your blog page by setting layout options and choosing templates.

Let me know if this helps.

Really, no working, I like me send the admin and password for your revision, it is possible? I no change anything, previous update working fine, you remember…

Send info to support[at] and I will look into it. Will do it tomorrow morning.

I like me download the version before the theme was published in WordPress repertory, I can download a copy? Thanks