How to remove Googleapis etcs. ?

because in somewhere,visit google service very slowly.

So I want to remove google font, ajax ect.

Can you help me?

There is only fonts loaded from Google servers which is a single http request. If you feel that you can create a better server than Google has then go ahead. Show me your performance reports when you are done. Would really love to see it in practice.

Fonts are loaded via functions.php file and removing these lines should do the trick

 // Add Google Fonts
  wp_register_style( 'sparkling-fonts', '//,400,600,700|Roboto+Slab:400,300,700');

  wp_enqueue_style( 'sparkling-fonts' );

Of course you will have to change font in style.css file but this is up to you.

@Aigars - the OP is obviously Chinese and may well be based in China…where Google services including is blocked or heavily restricted. It’s causing problems for my Wordpress based site too, people don’t know about the GFW and always complain that I’m to blame for building a crappy website when it, in fact, the Chinese government restrictions that are causing speed issues.

I signed up to this website specifically to point this out given your rather wiseass remark in your otherwise helpful reply.

Thank you for pointing that out! Didn’t know that it is not even possible to use Google Fonts. I am aware of service restriction but didn’t know that Google Fonts are restricted as well.

But if fonts aren’t loaded properly theme should still work as it will fall back to sans-serif font, I haven’t much tested it in practice but it shouldn’t return any nasty errors either.

Thank you for your keeping me updated!