how to remove illdy open responsive menu?

I need to remove the menu icon from the mobile web. This is my web:

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.
In reference to your question here, could you try out the following CSS code under the Appearance>Customize>Additional CSS section:

@media only screen and (max-width: 992px){
.open-responsive-menu {
display: none;

I hope this helps.
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Yes it works! Thank you so much!
But I have another problem right now hahaha
I cant see the testimonials and the graphics of the section “about” in my smartphone. I only can see it on my PC.

In your demo web I can see it with the mobile. Im gonna send you a screenshot of my web and your demo web.

Hello there,

The theme does not appear to be active on the site, did you change the theme?

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