How to remove only "Category" text from "Category: Career Tips" from Slider?

my website category name is “Category: Career Tips”, from this how can I remove only “Category” text and then Career Tips will remain there only.

Also How I can add image in category page slider?

my website link :


If you’re okay with code edits,

  1. Create a child theme, Child Themes « WordPress Codex
  2. And put this code snippet in your child theme’s functions.php functions.php · GitHub

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If I install this child theme, will my theme gets changed from Illdy?

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You have to install child theme, this means you have to upload child theme just like normal WordPress theme and activate it, for more information on child theme please check: Child Themes « WordPress Codex
let me know if you have other questions

I know how to install it but can u just tell me will it change my present theme? I know all the details are provided in the link but to read all this will take so much time. Could you please let me know will my present theme get changed after installing child theme?

I think your question is not properly asked, so let me give you cross answers :slight_smile: Installing and activating of child theme means yes, your present theme must be changed from the appearance > themes, but if you asking if your current settings, setups, changes, no, they will be not changed :slight_smile:
is your question answered now?

No Noda… :)… My question is I have installed Idlly theme, now if I install child theme den will my Illdy theme get changed.

As per my understating Illdy theme is a theme which I have used for my website to display the content and child theme is just a feature will allow me to modify/customised the CSS code. Correct?

I will repeat, Yes, you have to change theme, from parent theme to child theme, once you install child theme from appearance > theme you have to activate, theme activation means current active theme will no longer be used (but its necessary to have installed since its parent theme)
Please check the link provided here and spend just 10-15 minute