How to remove page title

Hi im new to, Illdy Theme please advice how to remove text below the jumbotron,
i just want my front page, the large hero image, then straight to About Us, and next,
please refer attachment.


Hey there

Ashrul, you just need to remove them from the customizer, look at the pencil icon on the left, click on it and remove the text :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, actually i want to remove parts that i mark red. When i try to delete by trying to
go to PAGES>ALL PAGES> and then i delete FRONT PAGES, all front page dissapear, please advice.


it’s also part of the customizer, please check the homepage section and remove the second section from the homepage widgets, or, firs section from the hero section :slight_smile:

Will try, Thanks so much.

Cool :slight_smile:
Let me know if you managed to fix it

I Still stuck on that issue, find another way by installing plugins, " Hide Page and Post Title" and another plugins " Title Remover" and it works, please refer attachment.


But when I log off from admin in my WordPress, and try to view in phone or tablet, it shows page not found, please refer attachment.

Im kinda stressful, please help. Thank You in advance.

hey there

the plugin is not necessary for that, please provide URL of the page, lets hide id by custom css

Hi follow these steps

go page>>all pages >>edit title >>submit