How to remove sidebar from productpage?


Would like to remove the sidebar (right side) on my product page containing; product category and (I assume) mini shopping cart.

Here is a link to a product page:

screenshot is attached.

Hey there

Please use this css to make it full width:

@media (min-width: 768px){
.single-product .col-sm-7 {
width: 58.33333333%;

Let me know if this worked and if you have other pages to remove sidebar

Hi key master,

thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately it had no result.

HI again

uups, indeed, it will not work for sure, i forgot to change it to 100%, please try this code instead:

@media (min-width: 768px){
.single-product .col-sm-7 {
width: 100%;

Hi again,

I actually liked what has happened and the fact that the text is now completely covering a page. However both sections are still visible :slight_smile:

Thus my renewed question would be. How to keep the page lay-out as it is now and remove woocommerce title and the text below it and also product categories.

Have you already removed it? i cant see same screen on your product page:
there is nothing under product tabs for me, ??

That’s strange… under product tabs I can still see the sections “woocommerce title” and product categories.

Hey there

hm… can you check it in incognito chrome tab? i want to check if this is visible when you are logged out from the admin area, please check screenshot from me

In incognito chrome tab the two sections are not visible.

i think this happens when you are logged in?
can you try to log out and check again? or from different browser

Hi apologies for the late reply…

I have had time to test it a) logged in b) logged out c) on several ‘new’ browsers.

Each time the two sections show


Yes but you can check screenshot uploaded by me, there is no such element on the page
Ok, now, please deactivate all your third-party plugins and try again, let me know results