How to remove slider posts from showing on the front page


After using the slider as a place to hold a banner image when you first enter the website, I am stuck with the post at the bottom. How can I exclude slider posts from showing on the front page? I’ve tried searching through the forums, but couldn’t get it to work. What would happen is that when I exclude a post, the image would be gone also.

Also as a token of my appreciation for such a great and free theme, do you accept donations? Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to you.



I answered the same question for Dazzling theme few hours ago, I hope you don’t mind that I will point you to that discussion. It will work the exact same way for Dazzling theme but you will have to tweak this ceo to specify which category you are targeting.

Let me know if you can’t get it done on your own and I will try to help you with that.

Donations are greatly appreciated. The best options is via PayPal where my ID/email is a.silkalns[at] (Replace [at] with @).

Thank you!