How to remove the footer on Illdy?

I want to remove the entire section that includes PRODUCTS, INFORMATION, SUPPORT?
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Hi - I did this by going to appearance - widgets - add a text widget to footer sidebar 1, footer sidebar 2 and footer sidebar 3.
Should then look like this
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Thank you! I had already figured it out by deleting some code.

Marking this as resolved. Both solutions are viable, although the recommended one would be to add some empty text widgets in the footer sidebars.

Colorlib Support.

Delete: get_footer(); ?>

from the front-page.php file

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Thank you for your solution, but keep in mind that we reccomand the use a child theme for those kind of changes.



How to eleminate the footer and to enter a map or contact ?

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You’d have to go to Appearance > Widgets and add text widgets and use the shortcode for the contact form/Google Map inside of those. Please note that to get the Google Maps, you’ll need to add a third-party plugin. Contact Form 7 is provided with the theme.

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I tried to add a widget and than the code of contact form. Is it possible to see the contact form in all the footer section ( not only in the first column in the left side ?

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You would have to remove the content from the other footer columns then use the following CSS code to extend the footer column:

/*full with footer*/
.col-md-3 {
    width: 100%;

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I mean i want to see the contact form like this Illdy - Free One Page WordPress Business Theme - Colorlib at the end ( capture2 attach)

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In that case, you would have to go to Appearance > Widgets and use the a text widget to contain the contact form short code and remove any widget from the footers so that the form appears last.

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Is it possible to remove one of the four footers entirely, and have the remaining three spaced out evenly?

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Just a note for future reference: If you have a question, It is advised to start your own topic instead of pushing an old thread back to the top.

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In regards to your question, I’ll have to test some CSS on your site so be sure about that.

Could you provide me with a link so that I can check this for you?

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