How to remove "Theme by Colorlib"

Great Work!!
I want to use it for my new (non-commercial!) blog.
Is it allowed to delet the “Theme by Colorlib” (inkl. the link) from the footer?
I will do it into a seperate “thanks-sector/side” of my new blog!
I know theme-codeing is a hard work (i also had written some – but for my private blog its too much work for me :wink: ). And so i will honor your (great) work!

Of course it is allowed to remove copyright information but I would highly appreciate if you could leave it there. Since you mentioned that you will leave link back to my website on other page then I don’t mind about that.

Feel free to use this theme but each link back to my website boosts my motivation so I can continue to contribute to open source community.

Thanks! I really knew about the work of themecodeing – and i will honor you on a “special” page, like others from the great open source community.

I also had translated your theme into german – didnt find the de_DE file inside the theme or in your support section. But after doing it, i found here -> your update about the german translation. But no downloadable file.

So my question is: do you allready need a german po-file for the travelify theme?
If yes -> to which address i should send it?

PS: Dont be afraid, I am a nativ german and my english comprehension is MUCH better than the spelling

This theme is translated in German since version 1.3.2. I am not sure how accurate is this translation since it was done by one of them theme users jut like you and I don’t speak German at all.

You can send me your translation files to support[at] and we can dicusess it futher and review current Gemran translation if it needs any corrections.

Thank you for your incredible contribution!

Btw, I am working on a new WordPress theme and it will be released within next few weeks and it would be awesome if you could help with translation. Let’s keep in touch.