How to set header bar to transparent + disable sticky header + change video size

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My page is
I have a couple of issues and I need your help.

  1. I’d like to set the top header (menu header) to transparent so that I could see part of the image header behind. And I’d like to disable the sticky header as well.
  2. How could I enlarge the size the Youtube video (the last section of my page) and center the video.

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  1. Both are not possible at the moment, I will forward this to the development team.
  2. You can use Shapely Video Widget instead of normal video widget.

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Hi there, I tried to add Shapely Video widget, but for some reason, the video section didn’t show up on front page. Other widgets were working just fine, only the video widget didn’t seem to work.

Here are my login credentials, please get it checked, please

user: canhtuan90
pass: [email protected]

Hi there,

The video URL is for link to the video file and not the youtube video URL.

To add a youtube video to that widget you will need to add the video ID from the link to the youtube ID option.
The ID is in the link so for example if this is the link - [HOONIGAN] DT 157: Offbeat Garage (S13 240sx) vs Keep Drifting Fun (S14 240sx) #CIRCLEJERKS - YouTube - the id is the last part in the v= parameter i.e. the ID is sGk3QoLsMC4

Try that.
Hope this clears things up.

Thank you very much, my problem was solved.

Hi, there

Ok, I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!