How to show category description on top of each category page


I have just started using Travelify on my blog and I love it’s simplicity and flexibility. I have a slight modification that I would like to make to the category page. I want to show a small introductory paragraph on top of each category page but do not want it to be repeated on every page. I think I would need to modify the content-extensions.php file but I am new to php and I am not sure what change I need to make?

Can you please help me with this problem?

And thank you very much for solving my previous problem :slight_smile:


You can achieve this by adding

echo category_description();

right after

function travelify_theloop_for_archive() {

inside content-extensions.php file which you can find in theme folder - library - structure.

Afterwards you can add category description via WordPress dashboard - Posts - Categories and it will be displayed automatically on top of category archive page.