How to show slider on mobile devices?


When I installed the slider on my home page, the entire layout changed on mobile devices. I therefore decided to remove it, but the layout still doesn’t go back to normal.

Can you please help?

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(My site is

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In relation to your query here, could you perhaps be having a sample screenshot on the layout you previously had in place so that we can compare with what is currently in place.

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In case you have seen that your slider isn’t responsive on mobile phones, at that point chances are you have a “fallback picture” embedded in page alternatives or you have a missing picture in one of your sliders. A fallback picture is utilized to supersede the slider to demonstrate a solitary static picture. A missing picture can deny a few sliders shape running accurately.

Ensure you don’t have ANY missing pictures in the slider, all sublayers/foundations that have pictures must have adjust URL’s. Also do not forget to check for a fallback picture embedded in the page alternatives, it will supersede a responsive slider. See the picture underneath for a visual portrayal.

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