How to show video's in a post on homepage?

Dear colorlib.

First of all thank you for this impressive theme!

I’m helping a friend’s mom and i’m comming accros some problems

I want my homepage post to show the video on the homepage.
Is there any way to get this video to show?

and the next thing is
the gray block on top of the header I dont want to use this part can i get it out?

I searched recent topics but wasn’t able to find something relevant.

I hope you can help me out


You can use “Blog Full Content” template for blog page and this will make your entire post visible, so you will be able to showcase video as well.

Other options is to use plugins such as or any other plugins which will replace featured images with video.

To remove website title section you can use code like this:

.hgroup-wrap.clearfix {
    display: none;

Add it to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS