How to start a blog on WordPress?

Hey Guys,

I am new to WordPress and want to start my own blog. I am already working on it but may need some extra help. What procedures should I follow to start my blog on WordPress ? Is it going to be too hard as I am not a programming expert?

Please help!

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this article will help you to understand basic principles:

and this documentation to start the blog in our theme:

Hey Noda,
I checked the articles and it is helpful. I have kept few notes from this tutorial as well that you have in the front page of the site:

But still I am little confused about the design. Can you suggest me some good themes for an eCommerce store?

Thanks in Advance!


I hope you are doing well today.

We have an eCommerce theme that you can use such as:

You could have a look at this list but we cannot provide support for third party themes:

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