How to take out the "Navigation" menu out from my website's menu bar

Dear Aigars

I am from Thailand, I am using Travelify theme and quite impressed with this theme.
I have just made a theme update.

After updated, I found that there is one menu automatically appears on my menu bar.
It is “Navigation” menu. I went to appearance >> menu, however I found no “navigation” menu in my menu list.

So,how to take out the “Navigation” menu out from my website’s menu bar ?
please kindly advise
(so sorry, I am still new to wordpress)

Best Regards

the same problem by me.

This will be fixed in the next theme version. I have already submitted for review.

Meanwhile you can fix this easily by adding this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.default-menu {
    display: none;

Sorry for my inconvenience

Dear Aigars

Thank you very much for your great support!
I will add the code

And thank you again for the great theme !

Best Regards,

This addition to the CSS fixed the problem when viewing my site on a laptop browser, but it remains in the pull down menu when viewed on a mobile device. Advice?

“Navigation” in the Mobile menu was there the entire time (since first version). It serves as place holder when no item from menu is selected.

If you want remove it, I can provide with short tutorial on how to get it done. Requires a bit more tweaking that plain CSS.

Aigars - If you could coach me through concealing it, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I already wrote a code that you should add to Child Theme functions.php file. It is always better to use Child Theme to make any changes because it will make your theme update-proof. Otherwise you will have to add this code manually after each theme update.

// Remove navigation link from TinyNav
add_action( 'init' , 'remove_navigation_link' , 10 );
function remove_navigation_link() {
        remove_action( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'travelify_nav_menu_alter', 10, 2 );

Hello Aigars,

I had the same problem which is almost resolved by now, I used the code you posted and it works expect that I’m building a bilingual site. I have no more “navigation” menu on normal computer screen, neither for English on mobile screens. The correction worked in English but I also have a switcher for French (français) and this one still display the “navigation” option. Would you have another magic code to use and fix this one?

Please and thank you!


I just checked your website and I don’t see any navigation displayed. Probably you have still “cached” version of your website in web browser that still shows it and you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Clean browser cache and you are ready to go.

Well that was it! That was easy! Thanks for your quick response!

Can I use this to hide other links I don’t want to appear on the mobile nav?

No, because you have created manu via WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Menu and theme has no power to change what you added there. “Navigation” menu item was created by theme itself, therefore it could be removed.

I’ve managed to add a secondary menu option in the array to do it a different way and call two navs. Testing it by changing primary to secondary in header-extensions.php doesnt do anything. Am I missing something?

First of all you should register menu in WordPress. Here is an example how you can register menu via functions.php.

register_nav_menu( 'secondary', __( 'Secondary Menu', 'travelify' ) );

Then created menu via WordPress dashboard for testing purpose.

Afterwards you can add it to the the header-extensions.php in similar manner like I have already done with Primary menu.

If you use different DOM names you might have to modify functions.min.js file because now it is looking for #main-nav .root

I registered a secondary nav by:

register_nav_menus( array(
‘primary’ => __( ‘Primary Menu’, ‘travelify’),
‘secondary’ => __( ‘Secondary Menu’, ‘travelify’ ),
) );

Set us a nav in the backend and set it to secondary.

I changed your primary to secondary in header-extensions to test it but it stayed as primary when I refreshed my site.

Have I missed something?

WordPress has its own cache, so in many cases changes might not be instant. I usually open any Post/Page and just hit “Update”. It should clear cache and changes should take effect if done correctly.

Hmm tried that and didnt make any difference. Its still showing the primary menu and not the secondary as I modified header-extensions.php to show secondary.

Then I am out of ideas.

Probably just try to add any random anywhere in the file just to see if this is the right file, or if there is no other cache or something else. Most likely you will get error but you will know that it works. There aren’t anything else that should be edited, so there must be some other problem along the way.

ok cheers I will have a play around and see if I can make it appear anywhere else.