How to use "Blog Full Content Display" blog template?

Hi Aigars!

I was just going to comment to say thank you, finally I found a theme I love! :slight_smile:

I created a page because I want the ‘Blog Full Content Display’, but sure I am missing something because it doesn’t look like I am not getting it.

Sorry and thanks again for the awesome theme!

You were right, it only took few seconds to do it!

Thanks again, it surprise me I didn’t find donations, I am sure you would have a lot. Here I let you my thank you dance:

Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

Now when you have this page created you should set it to be displayed on front page.
Go to Settings → Reading and set “A static page” and set your previously created Blog page for Front page.

Sounds difficult when explaining but it will take few seconds to get this done

Ha, ha nice one! :slight_smile:

I might consider to add Donation button but I don’t think a lot of people would donate. But you never know unless you try.

I would highly appreciate if you could give 5 star rating for this theme on

I agree that this theme is just the best! Incomparable to any theme and has the best support system considering it is free. Ok, I am having issues. I have no problem with my front page having the latest posts (which I like) instead of the static page but then I have a dictionary plugin that would search and display terms according to tags and categories and I don’t like the read more on it. Link is English-Tagalog Dictionary with Audio Translations.