How to use Illdy widgets in Siteorigin Page Builder?

Hi, I have one question, how can I use the Illdy widgets with the Siteorigin Page Builder? I would like to use the counter widget and the skill widget in my services page and not on the Main Page (Front Page). But if I insert them there is nothing except the title of widget displayed. Is there a possibility to use the theme widgets with the page builder? Thanks!

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It is regrettable however I am sorry to say that the Illdy theme widgets are not compatible with the Siteorigin Page Builder plugin.

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Hi there. I think I have a similar problem. SiteOrigian “Page Builder” shortcodes are shown in the HomePage without being rendered.

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Headline_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] Text of the article start showing as normal…bla bla bla bla bla … first 300 letters or something like that

You can see that in the text of the 3 Blog Articles displayed under the “Latest News” section in my Ilddy theme…

Everywhere else, pages rendered normal but not in the home page, why is that and how can I fix it?

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Are you using site origin page builder for posts? If yes, i suggest utilizing default WordPress excerpts without any shortcode,
Please provide url of your website

Yes. I have used page buiider for posts and included a shortcode at the begining of each post for ranking. That is why its showing it in the home page.
I’ve never used excerpts. I can try that.

What are your premium themes recomended besides this solution you gave me?

Thank you. Abel

Well, excerpts is default WordPress feature and in this case, this is the only solution :slight_smile: you have to try it definitely
Sorry but not clearly understand your question about premium theme, we don’t have premium version of the theme, only free version :slight_smile:

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You may have reverted to the default editor when you were editing the post , you need to use the Origin editor tab if you already have origin widgets on the page or post.

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No ok. Ill try that and see how it goes.

About the premium themes. I was wondering if you have premium themes where the home page renders siteorigin shortcode, without having to use this excerpts. Since this issue gets presented only in the home page.

And at the same time. What are your premium themes that are similar to illdy? At least the ones that shows post in the home page, few sections, etc…

Thank you.

*** To the moderator that replied: the issue it’s on the home page everywhere else works fine. I didn’t revert to default editor, it looks like home page doesn’t work with this shortcodes. ***

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The issue with the SIteOrigin is that it will try to override the widgets for the theme on the home page so in order to use the site origin widgets on the home page you need to make a new page and use that instead of the homepage widgets in the premium themes.

Most themes allow you to show the posts on the homepage but the design is different. Here a few of the most popular premium themes:

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I understand. My question regarding this approach "

you need to make a new page and use that instead of the homepage widgets in the premium themes

Will I loose the design? For example in my illdy or in a new premium theme if I do this, change it to a new page, will Ill be able to make it look like the home page? Or this is not possible in any theme free nor premium.?

Thank you, Abel

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You need to use either the Illdy frontpage widgets or the SiteOrigin page builder because using the both of them on the same page can cause issues.

Using the Origin page builder will not look the same as the Illdy widgets and vice versa.

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Thank you for clarifying. I just tried to used the excerpts, a feature that I didn’t know what it was for until you mentioned it, but in the home page, the codes are still showing up… I cleared cache… The codes were put using SiteOrigin and the SiteOrigin Editor Widget along with a SiteOrigian Headline Widget.

The excerpt didn’t fix the problem. I found somewhere else that I could add
add_post_type_support( ‘page’, ‘excerpt’ );

and I did in the functions.php but It didnt work either. I removed the code after I tried it. Anything else that I could be missing?

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Dear @eybel you cant use Siteorigin shortcodes/widgets together on the homepage with our widgets, without major customization this is not possible, you have only one choice to create new page built it from ground up by using siteorigin builder and set it as a homepage, no chance to use them together, :frowning:

Is there anything else? do you have more questions?

Ok so excerpts became a no-solution. Then there is no solution because I am not using siteorigin codes in the home page. I am using them in my Blog Posts to build them, along with a ranking code (different widget). My home page shows 3 blog posts but it’s rendering them up wrong.

I guess this will happen with all colorlib themes. If there is one that works differently let me know.

That it all. Something to improve. Thank you for replying.



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