How to use square logos instead of rectangular logos ?

Hey guys, I was wondering how I can place square logos without the navigation menu changing?

I’ve also included an example of how it should look like.


Please upload logo that you want to use and post your website URL and I will check if it is possible to somehow modify CSS to make it work that way.


Here’s the site url :


Upload this logo you attached to your message and make sure not to crop and and publish it as it is. One you are done with that make sure to add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

#logo img {
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 100;
    width: 120px;
    height: auto;

If you are having problems with cropping then click on “Skip Cropping, Publish image as is” when this screen is displayed. Or arrange cropped area to make it fit nicely in square.

Thank you! I will try this as soon as possible and let you know if it works.

Ooh it works! Thank you so much!