How to use the licence?


I have purchased the single licence but I have no idea how to apply it.
ex.) I want to use Buildex – UI Kit

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You don’t need to apply it anywhere, by purchasing license you re getting rights to remove footer credit from the footer template, everything else is the same :slight_smile:

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I’m having same problem and having PayPal challenge payee because I didn’t receive anything for the payment. This is confusing. It should be clear that buying a license doesn’t give you any code or plugin to remove the additional footer. It merely gives you the “right” to take it off. I’m not a coder and I have no idea how to take it off. I don’t have a problem supporting but it should be clear the payment is for “good of the order” rather than a specific purchase (which never gets sent). In the purchase screen an ACTIVATION KEY is mentioned but I find out now there is no such thing.

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this is our license page: Licence - Colorlib
and everything is related to this question is described here, I’m sorry if it’s not cleary, if you have any problem with removing copyright I can help you with this

Hello, I just bought license for all templates. Do I have to let you know in which domains I use templates? How do you know that I’m using the license?

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Alvaro, no, we don’t need to know that, you are just purchasing rights tor remove footer template from the template