How to view and edit HTML on the front page

Is there a way to view and edit the HTML on the home/front page aside from viewing the page source? I’ve attached screenshots of what I see on the Text tab and Backend editor/classic mode. My site is



First, make sure that you have installed a child theme. Then, you can go in Appearance> Editor and there you could edit the files theme.

If this does not solved your request, tell me more specific what you want to achieve.




We’re you ever able to figure this out? I’m having the same problem with the Shapely child theme. I want to have the demo content but don’t know where to edit the actual content and HTML.

I don’t actually have the child theme installed so I haven’t tested this further.

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Please post a new thread with your request and we will help you there.

@sarahmcb3 if there is something else that we could help you just let us know.



Hi - Please tell me how to install a child theme. I am using Shapely.
Also, I am trying to edit the HTML code so that when I click on a logo/link in my Client Section for Front Page Widget, it opens a new window.
Where do I find this HTML code so that I can edit this?

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  1. Please find the Shapely child theme attached in this thread. You may install it just like you would a normal theme:

  2. You may use Appearance > Editor to edit the theme files. The logo link is usually found in header.php.

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Thank you for your response. I cannot figure out where i can add to my html code on my front page, target="_blank", example is below:
Is there an easy way to do this?
a href=“” target="_blank"

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Really, there isn’t an easy way to do this, however, you’ll need to open the extras.php file (shapely/inc/extras.php), then go to line 565 and add your target="_blank" as shown below:


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Thanks again for your response. I am actually not trying to edit the header logo. what I would like is to be able to able to open a new window when click on an image in my Client Section for Front Page Widget. I have client logos that are in this page and when I click on their logo, it should open a new window.

Since I can’t seem to find an easy way to edit the HTML code, and this can’t be done in CSS, Can the theme be updated to make it a check box option to open a new window for the Client Section for Front Page Widget??
Thank you.

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That would have to be coded into the theme and released in a new update so you can make a request for the feature here:

Another option is to use a third party plugin such as the following:

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Thank you, thank you! I installed the plug in you recommended and it worked! Thanks so much!
You have a great support, and I love your theme. keep up the good work!