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I am aware of other posts on this theme so I apologise if that counts as repetition, however I noticed that the latest entry (version 1.0.5) in the changelog for the Shapely Companion plugin suggests that this feature has been introduced:
“Allow html on title, description, buttons of Shapely Parallax Widget.”

I was wondering how I actually go about using it, since my HTML is still appearing escaped. For example, I am trying to use <strong>Title</strong> but to no avail. I have also installed the plugin HTML Widget Text and tried using [strong]Title[/strong] but again this is just rendered as written.

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The syntax seems correct.
Could you please try to use a title with HTML in another field such as the “description” to see if the it, still renders all the code?

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Thanks for the very quick reply! Yes, it works when used in the “Content” box (I don’t seem to have a “description” field) but not in the title field.

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Further to my previous message, it also does not work when used in a button label.

I also realise that I may have misunderstood your message, in which case please can you describe how I find the description field? Sorry, I am new to wordpress!

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To add to this topic, I noticed it the HTML also doesn’t work if you place it in the “Title” section of the widget. (Which is what I think you were asking, @samwise.) I’m looking to replace the title with a logo, is that possible?

To find that title sectopn:
Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Homepage > [Shapely] Parallax Section