HTML Tags in Sections

Hi and thank you for your lovely theme.

Is it possible to add html tags (bold, links, images, paragraphs etc…) in illdy widgets like services, about us, testimonials and team?

As i can see many users in the past (over 3 months) mentioned this issue but so far the problem remains.

Thanks again!

Hello Danis,

We have implemented this a good couple of months ago, but only for the general fields in the customizer (title and entry). The supported tags are: a, br, em, img and strong.

I will push this to be implemented for the dedicated widgets fields, but you can always use a text widgets to meet all your needs.

There’s also the possibility to do some coding in the core files, if that suits you.


The text widget do not work properly in home page sections.

Could you please let me know what file to modify in order the tags work?


Hello @danis,

Unfortunately, I cannot assist you with the exact location of this because it’s located extensively across the theme files and it would require too much custom work.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.