HTML tags in widgets

Hi there,

I’m trying to implement the on my site so I can use HTML tags in my content but whenever I activate the plugin the site stops working. (see issue here: Only the footer appears… everything else is missing. Once I deactivate the plugin everything works again.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve reproduced the error at the following link. Please ignore the link above.

Hi @digitalworkhorse,

Could you give the link where you download the colorlib plugin?

I want to make sure is the good one.



This is the link to the file I installed.

I forgot to ask you also the forum post from where you took the plugin?

I’ve installed this plug-in and can confirm I’m able to use HTML on the Front page widgets, which is great.

A couple of things stopped working however and I wonder if you can help.

In my top menu I had links to parallax widgets - these stopped working and I’m not sure what the correct URL should be.

My site is


Hi all,

Soon we will have a theme update in which you will be able to use the html tags in widgets. Until then, I could not provide assitance on that plugin since was just temporary solution.

Thank you,


Okay thanks. Do you have a rough idea of when that update will be released?


Unfortunately no, but very soon.

Hi @colorlib support hope you are doing well, thanks for this great theme I love the options, i have the same requirements that I would like to filter out the esc_html function so i can insert html in the widgets for the homepage, do you have a walk through with the steps by chance? thanks ahead

Hi @networking,

You could use our beta new theme, who could be downloaded from here:



Thanks @colorlib for your response I have already tried that but it did not work as a solution i still cain’t write any html on the home page with the shapely widgets :confused: any other work around ? :slight_smile:

thanks ahead david.

i disabled the coming soon page so you can check it out if you want it’s at thanks

Hi @networking,

Could you send us a wp user and wp password in a private message?



Hey @colorlib Thanks for answering but i can not see your reply it’s marked as private even though I am logged in.

I tried the theme from git but html still won’t work on the widgets I am learning php that’s why am asking if there’s a walk through to delete this function. esc_html in the widgets thanks ahead !