HTTP Error


I have been trying to upload an mp3 into our media library as I always do. I keep getting a HTTP Error. I contacted the host and they say it’s not from the hosting. I contacted the ISP, and everything is fine there. So the host suggested I contact you as to why all of a sudden I can’t upload an mp3.

Recently, you gave me some CSS for the site:

#secondary {
display: inline;

However, when I remove that, nothing changes. I still can’t upload the mp3. I have not installed any new plugins or done anything new to the site since adding the coding.

Do you know what could be wrong?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day
Sorry but such problems cannot be theme related problems, you have to deal with the WordPress no with the theme, check similar questions in WordPress support or on the internet, if you can’t find anything then open a ticket in WordPress support

Colorlib Support Team

Thank you, I will do that. (And I’m sorry to have replicated the ticket. I was also experiencing intermittent internet problems tonight. I hadn’t realized that the ticket was entered twice)

no problem :slight_smile:
let me know if you have anything theme related