Hyperlink in blogposts show up strange

Hi there, dear support team,
all of a sudden the hyperlinks in my blogposts show up strange. When you try to click them the wording disappears completely behind a green color block. www.livelifegreen.de
Was there an update or anything, because I suddenly have strange layout things on my page…
I hope you can help me.
All the best and thank you

I just recognized that the bug disappears when I remove a additional code I added to solve a different issue.
#page .entry-content a {
color: #86960f !important;

With this code I tried to make colored hyperlinks on my pages since links on my pages didn’t show up in a different color. Now I removed the code and have the first issue again. No colors on hyperlinks of my pages.
Could you please help me with that?
All the best

Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

The current version of the theme is 1.3.6. I’m not aware of any updates, Unless you’ve updated from older version unintentionally.

Here’s the CSS you can use to resolve the hyper link issue.

/*remove background color from hover*/
.single .entry-content a:hover{

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