Hyperlink is not working on mobile device

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I have created a website with Newspaper X theme. All is good, one problem the hyperlinks dont work in smartphone ?

Link of my website : Nkheyar.com

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I checked the website and the links worked for me. Could you please tell me what kind of phone you are using?

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Hi same problem for me hyperlinks and other links are not even working on any smart phone, only you are able to click first 2 posts, other posts are not able to access using smart phone
engineersmagazine.com is my website

Hi all, I have the same problem - my website incubatorium.eu runs Wordpress and I’m using this theme. On Android mobile devices the links on the front-page don’t work, but the menus do. A friend who’s been doing a little bit of web development found out that the sidebar appears to be covering the main part of the page. We tested and it wasn’t any particular widget that’s in the sidebar. (I add a screen shot to illustrate my point) My question then is - how can I modify the sidebar on my website so this doesn’t happen anymore and if at all this theme is then compatible with mobile devices as this is quite a major problem - imagine ppl not being able to click on your home-page links - your traffic is going to hell in no time and most ppl won’t even come back again.

I solved the problem by pasting the following css code in the editor :

@media (max-width: 450px) {
#secondary {clear: both;}

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Thanks for adding the solution to help the other members with this issue.

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