Hyperlink Text Color

I changed the hyperlink text color by adding to the additional CSS that I saw as a solution on another post and it worked to change the hyperlink text color on the actual post pages but not on the homepage. I have all my posts shown in entirety on the homepage but you can click the title of each post and it goes to the post’s own page. The hyperlink color doesn’t show on the home page like it does on the post page.

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Could you please provide a link to your website and the CSS that you added so that I can inspect them?

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CSS I added is included in the Untitiled 3 photo I attached to the original post. Website is thisisyour30s.com

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Maybe this is what you wanted?
Please try this css:

.entry-title a {
color: red;

This could be easily done by adding a code for
a{ color: XXX}

In the particular code. and you are good to go

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Yes you can still use that code but it will have an effect to all your links within your site.
However, please feel free to reach out once again in case you have any more questions.

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