I am inquiring about purchasing templates.

To whom it may concern

I’d like to buy a single template(Fashi).

In the case of single-template, it says, "Limited to 5 domains.

5 domains, for example,


Does this mean 5 domains?

Also, do you provide template component information or template manual?

And when i click a product on the preview screen, like the ‘Fashi’ template,

No product details page was found. Is that all the pages I see in the preview?


Hey there

yes, this means 5 domains, different domain means a different license, in this case I would recommend using all license Licence - Colorlib

Where exactly? we don’t have Fashi template

I found this template on your web site

Hi there

Thanks for the clarification, I believe you are referring to the template at https://colorlib.com/preview/#fashi

Sure, you can download the template and check out all templates option here to allow you to remove the backlink in all the templates.

Colorlib Support Team