I can't add a right sidebar to my blog page

Ok so with my about page I am able to create a side bar so I can add widgets. Why Cant I do this for my blog page? I dont want to change my default page to side bar because I dont want the rest of my website to have a right side bar. I noticed on my blog page my page attributes dont contain an option to select the template which is what I did on my about page to make it work.
This is really confusing please help

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You can use this plugin as a workaround, you can even set a sidebar based on the category of the post being viewed.
Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager

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Hi thank you, I’ve installed the plugin and followed instructions, still not working???

I noticed this - says custom side bar not available for posts page

Please help I really want to keep this theme but I need this fixed asap otherwise I’ll have to change themes. I don’t understand why a theme wouldnt let me have a sidebar on a blog.

The plugin did not help. please can you give me some more help

Could you please share me the blog page URL from your site where it is not displaying so that i can help you to display it?