I can't customize my theme.

When I try and customize my theme in Wordpress, nothing ever saves. The changes will show on the preview, but once I hit Publish and go to the site, the changes are never there. I’ve talked to my hosting company and they said everything looks fine from their end. What’s going on?

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In reference to your query here, please ensure that your WordPress memory limit is at least 256M. You can check this using such a plugin. If not, please have it increased. Here (Fix: WordPress Memory Exhausted Error - Increase PHP Memory) is an article on how to go about this. Also do try deactivating any third-party plugins you have in place and check whether the issue is resolved.

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I successfully increased my WP memory limit to 256 and I’ve deactivated almost every plugin I have. It’s still not working.

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Can you please try to replicate your problem on the one of default wordpress theme? just change the theme to default theme and check if you can save customization settings in other theme, let me know what happens