I can't fid copyright information in travelify footer.php

Hello Aigars,

I cannot find the “Powered by” … or even the Copyrights Reserved by … on footer.php Please advise. I would like to customize mine for my site.


Footer information is located in theme folder → library → structure → footer-extensions.php.

I would highly appreciate if you could leave a link to my website in the footer.

Hi Aigars, thank you for the wonderful theme! Can this be done in a child theme of Travelify? When I try to edit footer-extensions.php in the child theme folder I made, the changes do not show up. I have to make this edit in the original theme folder. Thanks for the help!

Dealing with might be a bit difficult because WordPress understands only basic structure files for child themes such as page.php, archive.php, footer.php. Which means that you will have to change function by function.

Adjustments for style.css will work smoothly but other things might be a bit tricky.

Hi, I’m also interested in this not because I want to remove your website link but want to change the wording that comes after “Copyright” from the name of the site to the name of our company. Any way to do this with Custom CSS?


It is not possible to be edited via Custom CSS and you have to edit the actual theme files. Related code can be found on footer-extensions.php file that you can find in travelify folder - library - structure.