I can't get what was shown in Sufee demo examples

I am seeing these differences between the Sufee theme demo examples and my web application’s version. I follow exactly the same syntax used in example adapted into my application but there are a few differences between them. I have no idea how to enable them as the demo examples dont show the enablements.

As you can see, the first and second attachment show the demo examples of data table and buttons. The first picture shows there is a “Show 10/20 entries” and search feature at the top of the data table and there is a page number at the bottom of the data table. The second picture shows that the buttons has spaces between them.

While on the third picture, my application missing all the above features even though I follow the demo example code . Do I miss out anything here? Anyone can help?


I am sorry, I am pretty sure I uploaded 3 picture files but I couldn’t find it. Anyone can help?

Hey there

please attach screenshot once again and provide link to your website

Hi Noda,
Actually I attached the screenshots when I first created the post. But I don’t know where they goes. Do I need to upload the files again? Or any other method to show the screenshots to you?

Hi Noda,
I think I succeeded in upload the screenshots. Can you take a look?

HI @kwcham

thank you for images
please provide url of the pages (from your installation and from our demo) and i will check them on the live installation

Hi Noda,
I think I figured out why it doesn’t work.
It is because I have a page containing the stylesheet links and js links, and this page is containing another page which has the data table. Once I put the js links into the other page, the data table works as shown in the demo.

Thanks for the time. Really appreciate it.

Hi, there

Ok, I will close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!