I can't make features slider to work for Travelify

Hi. I am completely new to this, and really don´t have a clue about programming and so on. But I am trying to make a kind of a website, with the idea that I will learn while I go. But now I am stuck. It seems that I kind get the slider to work. I have typed in the ID´s and enabled the slider – with the approximately correct pixel formats. The text shows up on my homepage, but the photos do not. Any idea what the problem might be? Also for some reason the menu buttons doesn´t work if i hit the text on the buttons, only above and under. How come?

Thank you for a great theme by the way!

So far you have done everything correctly but one step is missing. While you do have images inside your posts that you use for slider but you haven’t set those images as Feature Images.

When you are editing Posts/Pages you will see a widget on the right side from that screen called “Featured Image”. Just add your image there and update your post.

When you will set your Featured images then slider will start working as well as Menu buttons because they are covered with Featured Slider.

wesome! Thank you so much.

Just one more thing. On your demo site you have got a lot of widgets both on you left side and at the bottom. How can I get that? Does it envolve a lot of programming?

All those widgets are default WordPress widgets. Just look into WordPress dashboard – Appearance – Widgets. There are several options to choose.

Of course you can add additional Widgets like Google+, Facebook, Twitter as well as some plugins from WordPress repository: http://wordpress.org/plugins/