I didn't receive a license

I purchased a license, but received an email saying it was processed.
See attached file. How can I activate the license?
Thank you for your help

is it possible to refund the amount?

I want a refund for the license, I gave up on the purchase.

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There is nowhere to activate the license. The license you purchased is only used to allow you to remove the credits.

This is how the license works: Licence - Colorlib

Colorlib Support Team

is it possible to refund the amount?

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use contact section of this site and contact to Aigars about refund process :slight_smile:

I’m about to buy 99 us plan. I’ve read some questions here, and I noticed that you mainly say that you will ask for license to the website in order to check its license status.
I have an issue with that, because after I’m done with some website I don’t want my client to be bothered with license emails, maybe my client would not even reply to your emails, so that could end up in bad terms since you will not get any reply. Should I instead leave my dev email somewhere? Is there a way to register my license when deploying the website, so you know it is legal?

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Thank you for your interest, Abdullah :slight_smile:

No problem with this, use your email address instead, after all, you are developer who is working on the site technically, so, its more related to you than to your client :slight_smile: