I installed the Shortcode plugin. It blew up my sidebar nav...maybe. Need help!

Here is my site: http://edsantiago.es/. I installed the shortcode plugin to begin using those tools available. It seems like the issue started right after that, but I can’t factually attribute the issue to that plugin.

For some reason the only unaffected page is http://edsantiago.es/blog/

  • The sidenav is also screwed up in the default twenty twelve theme, all plugins disabled.
  • I noticed my htaccess file was changed, so I changed it back to last known good configuration, no change with sidebar.
  • I removed all custom CSS in the theme settings, no change with sidebar.
  • I confirmed it wasn't just my browser; cleared cache, etc, tried on different machines, asked a friend to load site in a different state...no change with sidebar.
  • I’m kind of at a loss as to why th

In addition to the sidebar nav out of place, is the Share buttons are not rendering properly.

I don’t see any issues with your website and it loads perfectly fine to be. Of course you have made loads of Custom CSS implementations but even those aren’t breaking your website.

Am I right that now everything is sorted?