I need help with a few things

Hi there!

Let me start out by saying I seriously appreciate the help, especially on a free template. I hope to invest in a Premium theme soon!

Here are some issues I need help with (login details privately attached for Colorlib support in private reply – because the site is in maintenance mode):


[Video on homepage]
I am not using the Shapely Video Player, because I want the visitor to have control on the homepage. How do I get it to show a preview image (with the play button on top) versus just the black video player? I tried to set a featured image with no luck.

I need space added under the testimonial header “Happy Clients”. How do I do that? Tried adding some padding in CSS with no luck. See attachment.

[Contact form]
How do I reduce the spacing as seen in spacingoncontact.PNG?

[Centering images]
If you refer to the Demo and Quote page, I am having a very difficult time centering those images with CSS or HTML tags. They do not want to center on the page. Can you tell me how to fix that?
And, how can I add a little padding below them?

[Quote form]
How can I neatly center that quote form on the quote page in addition to the header image?
I also want to change the text color of the Submit button to white.

Thank you!

Here is the private login URL: https://www.montaguevo.com/wp-admin/?wtlwp_token=1d88927e8ee783237ae00d3a7dff261d
Thank you so much for the help!

Also, on the Testimonials, it is only displaying one? I have two published. How can you get it to slideshow to the next one / be able to click to the next one? Thanks!

One more issue to add:

[Contact form]
When you go to the demo or quote page and then click “Contact” in the navigation bar, it does not take you all the way down to the contact form. You have to be on the homepage, and it will. How do I fix this?