I Need help with mobile view and privately published pages/posts

Thank you for this amazing theme.
please, i need help with mobile view.
I’ll love to view my site bravartech.com on mobile devices, same way it displays on desktop…though is not too bad.
Secondly, to remove ‘Private:’ from privately published pages. check https://bravartech.com/simeon-michael for better understanding.
Thank you.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

The theme is hard coded to be mobile responsive so in order to have the site appear like it does on desktop for mobile then you would have to enlist the aid of a developer to make that change, you can find one here: https://colorlib.com/out/envatostudio

The page is private so I cannot see it, I get a 404 page error. Simply, un-private the page when you are ready to have it available for viewers.

Best Regards,