I need help with two things

  1. I tried upgrading to the newest sparking theme through Wordpress. I have noticed it erased all of my widgets and other things as well. What do you recommend I do to keep this from happening? When I changed all my stuff back it was it was the older upgrade.

  2. How do I remove the extra social media box at the bottom of my page? It’s currently showing an empty box with nothing in it.



  1. This update shouldn’t erase any widgets if you added them inside WordPress Dashboard - Appearance - Widgets. Then only thing that could erase widgets is that if you renamed your theme or theme folder before update as it resets everything to default.
    Not sure what was your setup but this is something that shouldn’t happen if theme name is still the same as WordPress handles widgets on its own based on theme name.

  2. That’s some code added directly inside extras.php file or some custom HTML in social icon fields but I doubt that. YOur website prints <a <="" div=""></a> which is definitely not part of theme itself anywhere in the code.