I want refund on my

i want refund how i contact colorlibs


You need to initiate a refund from your payment account


What happened to you?

what thats means i am contacting your contact from but i am not getting any answers from it i buy life time access their is 14 days money back gurteen and i am not happy with your service so i want my money back do something about it or guide me how can i do it

i need my money back i am not happy with their service so i need refund their is 14 days money back gurteen so i need it back

did you get your refund and how did you get in contact with them

i didnt get any refund till now TT…

Sorry about that :frowning:

I will send a notification to the appropriate team member about this matter


do some thing fast i am wating from so amny days

i am really frustrated with your service i didnt get any mail or notification about my refund if my payment not come in my account within 2 days i am going to take legal action against your company