I want to display comment counts only on single post and at the homepage

Hi, I’ve read enough threads on how to remove the displays of author, date, and comments but I wasnt able to do what I want. I want to hide author, date, category but show only the number of counts on single posts and on the homepage.


I’m using this code on the custom css but it’s not working fine.

.entry-meta .author,
.entry-meta .posted-on {
display: none;

span.cat-links {
display: none;

Thanks on this great and wonderful theme.

Hi @larrylozada,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared site and it seems you managed to achieve this as shown in the attached screenshot.

Please advise.

Best Regards,

Hi Movin,

Yeah I managed to do that on the homepage but not on the single post. If you click on that Read More, you’ll go to the single post and it is not displaying the comment counts.

See attached image.

Also how do I get rid of that author icon?

The theme doesn’t display comment count in the post meta section on single post page but we can display it by developing custom code if you are comfortable with it.