i want to remove some i think "widget space" from before button next to footer

https://bit.ly/30LsrH0 is the site Url, and i would like to remove that space before Whatsapp Us row…

plus i wish there would be way i could reduce on the black space for the footer, i would like to reduce the height.

and then lastly though not least, i would like to center the social media icons. thanks a lot!

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

To make these changes, kindly use the following custom CSS.

.footer-callout .cfa-section.bg-secondary{

As for the footer section, the footer is divided into two sections and the social icons are added to the one on the right.

To centre this icons across the whole width would require you to modify the template file.

Hope this helps.

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks alot boss! this worked for me like charm…
plus the icons, i went to theme editor and deleted the other div, and centered the social icons one.
and this too worked for me really well…
Thanks alot! though i wonder why on mobile the icons are still aligned to right,coz then they be covered by the “back to top” button…!

Hey there

This code can help you to center social icons on mobile:

#social {
float: none;